Glove Party


Albion (SE) - Weronika Banaszek (PL) - Beeeast (IT) - Tom Bolas (DE) - Black & Deckard (ES) - Mike Burns (AT) - Chico Simon (IT) - Elleorde (UK) - Yann Eras (FR) - Takahiro Haraguchi (JP) - Helene Havro (NO) - Imperator (ES) - Jussi Kantonen (FI) - Le Discoboulet (DE) - Walter Lego (ES) - Rune Lindbaek (NO) - Lyonel (BE) - Guglielmo Mascio (IT) - Mr. Fantasy (CHL-SE) - Nixxon (DK) - okay_awright (FR) - Andre Pahl (DE) - Johan Ressle (SE) - Rob’n’Zoopsie (BE) - Carlo Simula (IT) - Johan Solo (ES) - Sonido Tupinamba (AR) - SpAceLex (DE) - Sweet Charities DJs (UK) - Tiney (DE) - Jason Todds (ES) - Vomatron (DK) - Vigileu! (ES) - Wahid Paradis (RL) - Josep Xorto (ES) - Zonzo (IT).

Art / MA Hoff
Photo / Marc Medina
Visuals / SlurpTV - VJ Ovideo Opendesktop

14, 15, 16 September

Sa Presó de Palma, Mallorca

Festival tickets: 60,00 €

Dear Friends & Disco Lovers

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of September join "The Landing"

More than 30 artists will gather together in an intergalactic disco convention celebrating 4 years of Barcelona’s Glove Party and 10 years of the underground disco blog Overfitting Disco as well as life and love on planet earth.

We want to make sure everyone knows everything.

The Landing will happen here: The Landing - Mallorca

The main action and DJ sets are set to happen Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 1 am and Sunday from 11 am till 10 pm.

Entrance to the park next to the prison is FREE and kid-friendly.

Entrance to the pit inside the prison is 60€ and that should also give you access to any of the following acts happening after daytime fun as well. We'll let you know about that.

Camping option is only available for those who have purchased the ticket with the camping extra in advance. 60€ ticket + 30€ camping.

Of course, there will be a BUS service running BACK & FORTH between the campsite and the prison complex at least 3 times per day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but that is only for people who have purchased the camping extra and have a specific wristband for the purpose.

Camping option is sold out so no more camping extras will be sold from here on.

Morning yoga fantasy, freaky curious market, food trucks, music, visuals, performances... All that is still on.

If you have any questions please ask:

Cabin crew are you ready for Landing?

This event is private its capacity is limited.
For further questions please contact: